Bobcat loading near miss

Ensure bobcat forks are lowered when on an incline!

An operator was loading a bobcat onto a trailer. The attached forks were not lowered as the operator proceeded onto the ramp of the trailer. Due to the incline of the ramp the bobcat tilted backwards and flipped over.

No injuries to the operator or surrounding technicians resulted from the incident.

What can we learn from this event?

  • We are in the middle of a very busy construction and maintenance season.
  • It is important to keep safety as a #1 priority.
  • Do not take shortcut to finish the job quickly!
  • Reporting of near miss events is an important safety mindset that ensures key learnings can be shared to prevent similar incidents from occurring.
  • Calculate weight, forklift position and incline prior to loading and unloading of bobcat units.
  • Make sure bobcat forks are lowered to balance the weight of the unit when unloaded.
  • Remember – Report Near Misses!

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