Fall From Ladder

POST Safe Work Permits and Checklists must be completed

A technician was responding to a routine maintenance call to repair a compressor located on the facility roof. The security panel for ladder access was opened and as the technician was climbing the ladder a strong wind slammed closed the panel against him.

As a result the worker fell 3 to 4 meters to the ground. The technician broke his (tibia) and required 4 hours of surgery to insert plates and screws. He also suffered a sprain to his forearm. The technician remained in hospital for 5 days and is expected to be off work for 3 months.

What can we learn from this event?

  • Completion of Safe Work Permits are Mandatory
  • The Routine Safe Work Permit was not completed.
  • Completion of the appropriate POST permits and documentation is a requirement for all maintenance work. This is to ensure all potential risk and hazards are identified and adequate risk mitigation is taken.
  • Always Perform a Last Minute Risk Assessment!

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