Fire in Walk-in Cooler Alert

A Technician was using an acetylene torch to defrost a frozen evaporator drain pan inside a walk-in cooler. The MC size cylinder was standing on a shelf next to the evaporator pan. The cylinder fell from the shelf onto the floor. When the cylinder contacted the floor a leak on the hose was created and within seconds the leaking acetylene ignited. Damage to the product and interior of the walk-in cooler occurred. Luckily, no injuries occurred as a result of the incident.

What can we learn from this event?

  • Use good judgement to complete a task.
  • Use proper tools and equipment for the task at hand.
  • A larger “B” size cylinder could have been selected along with a floor stand base
  • Only use the smaller MC size cylinders when the larger ‘B’ cylinders are not easily accessible or transportable.
  • All cylinders must be secured
  • Try to keep cylinders at ground level to lessen the severity of accident

Source: Suncor July 2010

POST SAFETY BULLETIN_010-Flash Fire Near Miss