POST Adopts IOGP Life Saving Rules

POST has adopted the International Association of Oil & Gas Producer’s Life Saving Rules.

What are the Life Saving Rules?

The Life Saving Rules are key actions to prevent fatal injuries during higher-risk activities.

They provide workers in the industry with actions they can take to protect themselves and their colleagues, no matter the worksite.

The rules that were relevant and applicable for the entire industry.

They consist of 9 Rules with a simple icon, and clear actions for individuals tested with workforce representatives and Human Performance experts.

How are the Life Saving Rules incorporated into POST?

POST has adopted the Life Saving Rules along with the oil companies and retailers that support the POST program to maintain a level of consistency and simplicity throughout the industry.

POST has also incorporated the Life Saving Rules into the POST online orientation courses (both Level 1 and Level 2). Throughout the lesson each element has the description then further considerations, examples and case studies.

How should I use Life-Saving Rules?

Toolbox talks & Safety meetings

Can we learn from incidents that involved a Life-Saving Rule not being followed?

Pre-job planning

Are we doing any work today involving a Life-Saving Rule?

How can we follow the Rule from start to finish?

What needs to be in place?

Is everything in place, and in good working condition?

Last minute risk assessment

Have I done all the Life-Saving Rules actions?

Is everything as we discussed in the pre-job planning?

Are there any Line of Fire hazards or ignition sources we didn’t identify?

Post-job reviews

Did we take all the actions associated with the Life-Saving Rules?

What went well? What didn’t go well?

Anything to note for the next time we have to this perform task or work in this area?

Observations & walkabouts

Do you see anyone performing work where a Life-Saving Rule is relevant?

Are they following the Rule?

Yes? Great, recognize it!

No? Intervene!


Intervene or stop the work if a Life-Saving Rule is not being followed

Everyone has the authority and is encouraged to stop work and intervene if they observe potential or actual non-compliance to the Life Saving Rules, or any other unsafe activity. Proactive intervention may be the last opportunity to prevent injury or fatality.

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