New POST Vacuum Truck Checklist

New POST Vacuum Truck Checklist and other Document Updates


The POST Vacuum Truck Critical Checklist is now available.

Recently at our POST safety forum in Toronto, Rick Lombardi of BGIS presented the checklist on behalf of POST providing an overview of the checklist and why it’s important to use when performing this work. Visit our Resources section to view the presentation (available in English only).

With the new vacuum truck checklist now integrated into POST procedures, the following documents have been updated to reflect this work under critical procedures.

  • Project Clearance Certificate
  • Daily Safe Work Permit
  • JSA
  • Maintenance Safe Work Permit

The POST committee also invites contractors to use the Vacuum Truck checklist in the field and provide feedback to the committee.

Document Numbering System

Once the updates are made to the documents, the document numbering system will also updated. The new system will have a simpler set of numbers, such as removing the year of the last update which seemed to be causing some confusion.

To ensure you are using the latest document version, simply visit the documents section and view the document titled “master number system”.

Visit the Documents section for more information