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ATS Traffic

Business Name: ATS Traffic
First Name: Sharon
Last Name: Linton
Business Address: 9015-14 Street
City: Edmonton
Postal Code: T6P 0C9
Business Phone Number: 780-440-4114
Business Website Address:
Business Fax: 780-440-1326
Business Description:

– We design a smart on-street or off-street parking system to improve
traffic flow, bring in revenue, and make the most of your space
– We use sensing, counting, and messaging systems to detect all kinds
of traffic and improve traffic flow
– We design systems to keep people safe while they’re moving through
intersections, crosswalks, school zones, and multi-way stops.
– When you’re building a bridge, overpass, or section of road, we
protect drivers from hazards on and around the road
– We develop systems to manage facility access and transportation
challenges while keeping your people safe on site and during
– We help you manage your pedestrian and vehicle traffic needs during
races, concerts, festivals, parades, and other events.
– We offer a range of audit, placement, and payment options to manage
your sign inventory, meet TAC standards, and keep the public safe.
– Use highway signs to help passing drivers find businesses,
provincial facilities, visitor information center’s, and other
community attractions.
– We direct visitors in motion through your environment and help them
reach their destinations with custom sign systems.

1. Consultation
We’ll meet with you to understand your business, your most pressing
problems, and how we can help.
2. Discovery
We’ll meet with different stakeholders at different levels within
your business, then send you a summary of our findings.
3. Strategy
We’ll identify project goals and outcomes, then develop a plan for
reaching them with as few problems as possible
4. Engineering
Using our findings as a starting point, we’ll create drawings,
develop timelines, and outline the resources you need.
5. Implementation
We’ll put the plan into action by supplying equipment purchasing,
setting up your site, and installing or commissioning the system.
6. Support
We’ll provide customer service, support, monitoring, maintenance,
and upgrades, and together we’re responsible for the project’s

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