Canopy hit by picker during demolition works – Belgium

Shared by Artelia International

While demolishing a pump island, the canopy was hit by the picker. The canopy was damaged.

 What went wrong?

Canopy hit by picker

• The worker was alone, so there was nobody to guide the operation.

• There was no height alarm on the equipment to warn the operator on structures at height.

• The JSA did not identify the need of a signal-person.

• The employee did not declare the incident and left the site without informing anyone.

Lessons learned:

  • Always provide a signal person during the work. The operator has limited visibility in the cabin.
  • The competent person must create a lifting plan and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before you commence work.
  • Always perform your Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA)
  • Never work alone during demolition works
  • Always have a height alarm on your equipment if there is an above structure.
  • Immediately inform the Site Supervisor or the Retailer if an incident occurred.