Near Miss / Hazard Identification report

Submitted by a service contractor to POST


Description (What, Where, When, Who & How)

A young man in early 20’s reversed his car at high speed across the parking lot to the tank farm, and in the process came very close to hitting our work van. After stopping just short of hitting the van, he immediately did a large burn out spitting rock and debris at us and sped off. There wasn’t enough time to get a plate number. There was enough smoke from the burn out to cause our meter to go into alarm. After questioning the attendant, it was determined the driver was an “acquaintance” of his.

What acts or conditions contributed to the near miss and/or hazard event?

Poor judgement or lack of driving skills on the part of the driver. We used our vans as part of our barricading given the circumstances; I feel that had we just used cones and flags we may have been run over.

Why was the unsafe act committed, or why was the unsafe condition present?

I believe that is for the driver to comment on, I don’t know the state of mind he was in at the time.

What steps have been taken to prevent/control a similar incident or condition?

We place our vans on either side of us and only cone off the small openings at the ends of the van. This gives us the maximum barricading we can get that could stop a vehicle from driving into us.