Eye Safety Alert

Worker loses eye as a result

On a site in Poland during a forecourt concrete pour it was realised that the reinforcing bar was too high, and would have been sticking out above the finished ground level. 2 workers were instructed to cut the steel reinforcing bars with an angle grinder.

What happened?

  • 1 worker went to get his eye protection but the other started work; it is likely without putting eye protection on.
  • He slipped, the disc jammed and when it came free it broke up and some of it hit his right eye.
  • The end result – his right eye was so badly damaged it had to be removed at the hospital.

Lessons learnt

  • Poor quality control (in this case not checking the reinforcing bar before starting the concrete pour) can start a chain of events which affect workers safety
  • Work activities must be planned
  • JSA’s must be followed
  • Correct eye / face protection must be worn when required
  • Although designed for metal cutting, the angle grinder was not the best equipment for the job – bolt croppers would have been better – less hazards (no electricity, no sparks, and no high speed discs which could break up…)
  • The LMRA (Last Minute Risk Assessment) must be carried out


L3 – accreditation was cancelled and reaccreditation process to be carried out again after one year

Source: Coteba