Hand Laceration from Sharp Panel

Hand Laceration from Sharp Panel

Two labourers were working in a truck bay  installing vertical metal siding, working off a lift. The bottom of the panel was swinging out. A plumber, working nearby, went over to assist them, holding the bottom of the panel.  After the panel was secured the plumber release it and the edge of the panel cut through his glove and into his hand. The worker was administered first aid on site and transported to hospital where he received two stitches. The worker returned to work on full duties.


What can we learn from this event?

Understand the Hazards of the Task You Are Performing

  • While well-intentioned, the injured worker was working on a task that  he should not have been. A LMRA was not completed.
  • The worker had not been involved in the creation of or reviewed the  Job Safety Analysis for this task.
  • Incorrect gloves were being used for handling metal siding.
  • Understanding the tasks and identifying hazards raises worker awareness to prevent injuries

Always Perform a Last Minute Risk Assessment

This injury could have been prevented if a Last Minute Risk

  • Assessment (LMRA) was completed
  • Safety Procedures must be followed at all times which include the use of proper PPE. Appropriate cut resistant gloves for handling metal siding should have been used.
  • All parties performing a task must review the JSA to ensure awareness of all hazards associated with the work being completed.

Final Hand Cut