Laceration to Knuckle

Be aware of your work surrounding and identify hazards

Laceration to Knuckle!

An HVAC technician arrived onsite and discovered that the rooftop AC unit was frozen. After the HVAC unit had defrosted, the membrane roof became wet from the condensate. The technician proceeded to remove the panels for the condenser fan motor and compressor. He was about to place his gauges onto the discharge line to check the temperature when he slipped and fell. When he fell his hand came into contact with the condenser fan motor compartment where it was grazed by the fan motor blade. His knuckle was cut and he required 3 stitches. The worker was placed on light duty for one week due to the location of the cut on his knuckle.

Note: all appropriate “POST” documentation was properly completed.

What can we learn from this event?

  • Engage Your Mind Before Your Hands
  • Hand protection is a mandatory part of daily PPE and must be on person and used when performing task.
  • Use appropriate gloves for the task. Wearing work gloves even when performing minor tasks must be considered.
  • It is also critical to be aware of your work surroundings at all times. Identify risk such as wet surfaces and take appropriate action to eliminate slips.
  • Perform a Last Minute Risk Assessment

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