Two Nails Through Work Boot

A framer was using an air nail gun during a roof truss installation. He moved to nail the next truss when the air hose got snagged, pulling back on the air nail gun causing it to come down on his work boot.

Two nails were fired thru his boot. One nail missed his foot, but the second nail hit a toe. First aid was administered on site and the worker returned to work. A follow-up check by the first aid attendant the next day showed no signs of infection.

What can we learn from this event?

  •  Don’t have your finger on the trigger between nailing functions
  • Ensure the air hose is free / long enough / has room & location to travel free
  • Ensure the nail gun is pointed away from you during moves
  • Review banning successive / rapid fire nail guns
  • Single shot nail gun to be used
  • “STOP and THINK”
  • “Perform a Last Minute Risk Assessment”

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