Maintenance Contractor Hit by Vehicle

Proper POST Barricading Procedures should be followed.

Maintenance Contractor Hit by Vehicle

A contractor was assisting a site employee to remove a cover plate on a tank fill well. A guest’s vehicle when backing up hit the GSA and contractor. They were both knocked to the ground and were very fortunate not to have been seriously injured. The GSA reported no symptoms of injury. The contractor did seek medical attention for a bruised back and knee but was able to return to work.

What can we learn from this event?

  • Use your vehicle and pylons to barricade work area
  • The technician and site employee were wearing reflective safety vests but did not barricade the work area. The technician was working on a dispenser prior to assisting the site.
  • The POST Barricading Standard must be maintained if changing work area locations.
  • The use of service vehicles, flagged cones and barrier tape / poles is the mandatory minimum requirement for maintenance work area protection.

“Stop and Think” and perform a “LMRA” when changing job tasks.

Always stay alert and aware of all potential safety risks and hazards in your day to day working surroundings

Source: Suncor April 2012

POST SAFETY BULLETIN_018-Worker hit by vehicle