POST Barricading Requirements

The POST barricading standard is a mandatory minimum requirement for maintenance work area protection, as well as when appropriate on construction sites.  This requirement is to help ensure that workers are protected while working onsite when controlled access (e.g. closed door/perimeter fencing) is not available.

The POST barricading standard is not only to be used in the forecourt, but also indoors in high traffic areas of the C-Store and around extension ladders, as these worksites have public access.

Barricading a workspace is important because it is a control measure to:

  • Protect workers from unauthorized entry and passage into their workspace from either a vehicle or person
  • Prevent risk of a worker being struck by a vehicle or stepped on
  • In the event unauthorized entry still occurs and that party were to be injured, barricading the work space demonstrates due diligence
  • Protects the public from slip, trip and fall hazards from tools and equipment used
  • In the event a dropped object occurs from height, a barricade would allow for clearance

Here is an overview of the specific barricading requirements along with photos showing proper implementation:

Stop Element

  • Use your service vehicle, where applicable

Visibility– Use cones & flags

  • Every 6 feet (1.8 m) max
  • Safety cones 28 inches (71 cm) high
  • Flags at least 48” (122 cm) high


  • Continuous barrier (poles, chain or tape)

Safety Perimeter

  • Safety cones to be minimum 6ft (1.8m) buffer around the worker. Indoors: this may vary 3-6ft
  • Speed bumps (optional outdoors)

Download and share – POST Barricading Standard