Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Fall Protection – Use of shock absorbing lanyards in scissor lifts and bucket trucks

Scissor LiftWhile shock absorbing lanyards greatly reduce the fall arresting force, concern has been raised that their use in scissor lifts may still result in worker hitting the ground if lift is at or lower than 10 ft. in elevation.

While in a scissor lift, workers must be attached by a lanyard with a maximum length of 6 feet.  Shock absorber and/or energy absorbing lanyards are not to be used in scissor lifts.  Shock absorber lanyards are required in a bucket truck.

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety People working at heights must be trained in practical fall prevention and fall arrest techniques. Whenever personal protective equipment is used, the employer must ensure that workers know how to properly select, fit, use, inspect, and maintain the gear they will be using. The employer is responsible for providing appropriate training, and safety equipment that complies with safety standards, and ensuring that workers use the fall protection system provided at all times.

POST has the following documents available for use when working at heights:

POST Working at Heights Critical Checklist – guides the worker to follow proper procedures for various working at height scenarios such as ladders, scissors lifts and elevated platforms.

POST Fall Protection and Rescue Equipment Checklist – for daily inspection of equipment such as harnesses, ropes and mechanical components.

Shock Absorbing Lanyards

When using fall protection equipment, users must follow manufacturer’s instructions.