Dislocated Finger / Lost Time Injury

Dislocated finger Recordable Incident # 300465Re-assess Procedures When Work Conditions Change

A technician was removing a submersible sump cover plate. The cover plate handle was damaged and the worker was using a prybar to separate the cover plate from the metal sump support ring. The support ring became dislodged from the sump and pinched his finger between the ring and plate. The force of impact resulted in the dislocation of the workers’ finger. After seeking medical attention the worker was unable to return to work for 2 days. This lost time injury could have been prevented.

What can we learn from this event?

  • Re-assess JSA’s when Experiencing Difficulty with a Task
  • The JSA should have been re-assessed when the technician was having problems removing the sump cover plate.
  • Different tool options should have been identified and assistance requested to complete the task.
  • If working conditions change, new hazards must be identified and appropriate action taken to eliminate all hazards.
  • Always Perform a LMRA to Identify Risk and Mitigate Hazards
  • Our tolerance to risk must be reduced when performing all tasks including routine work.
  • Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) is a behavioral base tool to reduce and eliminate our exposure to hazards.
  • By identifying and eliminating potential risk we can lower our tolerance to risk.
  • Safety is our #1 priority and must be second nature to us all as we continue to
develop a strong safety mindset and culture.
  • By reducing our tolerance to risk we can reach our goal of “Zero Injuries”.

All Injuries are Preventable