Near Miss Incident

Matheson Shell – Mississauga, ON C10241

– Canada, Retail – Shell Account CA/10053096 5651 Hurontario St.

– Friday – 08/9/13 8:40 AM

Incident Description

After arriving on site, the MTM donned his gear and proceeded to walk around the service van to meet the Mobile Technician. He walked on top of the metal plates covering the car wash sump area. The metal plates are nested on steel brackets which gave way and the MTM fell into the car wash sump pit. The sump pit was filled with approx 4’ (1.2m) of water and sludge which cushioned the fall. The MT provided a fiberglass ladder to assist the MTM to climb out of the 8’ sump pit (2.4 m). No injuries were sustained.

Probable Incident causes (immediate cause)

Car wash sump metal was significantly corroded and unable to sustain the weight of the MTM.

Next Steps (actions / further investigation)


  • Work with ROM and MT to make the area safe and initiate repairs / maintenance.
  • Send notification / discussion with MTs and local contractors to highlight awareness for safety and alert to avoid walking on car wash sump covers.
  • MT to inspect sites with car wash sumps for metal corrosion, fatigue and report back any findings for remedy