Fall Protection Products with Yoke Snaphooks

Dear MSA Fall Protection Customer,

We are issuing this Inspection Advisory to you, and apologize for any inconvenience that it may cause.


Yoke Industrial Corporation, the manufacturer of snaphooks used on many fall protection products industry wide, including MSA’s, recently notified MSA of an issue involving the potential for missing or improperly installed rivets on Yoke snaphooks.

Although the photographs below depict one snaphook model, other Yoke snaphook  models are affected. The stamped “Y”, as shown below, identifies the snaphook
We are issuing this notice to you as a reminder to inspect the snaphooks on your fall protection products before each use as indicated in the instructions and  inscribed on the snaphook. If any rivets are missing or if any rivets are not secured on both sides of the snaphook, immediately remove the fall protection  product from service and contact MSA for replacement.

For additional information, you may access the supplier’s Product Notification at the  following link: http://www.yoke.net/english/index.asp. It includes a video describing the improved inspection process that Yoke has implemented as a result of this issue.

If you identify any snaphooks with missing or improperly installed rivets or you have any questions, please contact MSA Customer Service as follows:

• U.S., Canada, or U.S. Territories – 1-866-672-0005 or by email at:

• Mexico – 01-800-672-7222 or by email at: atencion.clientes@MSAsafety.com.

• Outside the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or U.S. Territories – 724-776-8626 or by
email at: LAMZonecs@MSAnet.com.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience that this situation may cause; however, your  safety and continued satisfaction with our products is most important to us.

Best regards,

Charles J. Seibel, Jr.
Manager of Product Safety