Hand Laceration from Sharp Edge

Hand Laceration from Sharp Edge

An electrical apprentice was disconnecting
a wire from an electrical panel. The worker was applying force with an allen key to loosen a wire lug in the panel. The tool slipped and the worker’s hand contacted a sharp edge of the panel, causing a laceration between the baby finger knuckle and the wrist. The worker received 8 stitches and returned to work the next day on modified duties.

What can we learn from this event?

All Injuries are Preventable

  • The Apprentice had gloves on his person but was not wearing them at the time of the injury. Appropriate gloves for the job must be worn at all times when completing tasks.
  • A Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA) was NOT completed prior to starting a job.
  • Body position was also a contributing factor. Correct body position will help prevent workers from being in the line of fire.Always Perform a Last Minute Risk Assessment
  • Safety Procedures must be followed at all times which include the use of proper PPE and completing a LMRA prior to starting tasks.
  • A Last Minute Risk Assessment is a tool to understand the task, identify risk and remove the hazard.
  • By reducing our tolerance to risk and removing complacency on our job sites, all injuries can be prevented.

Hand Laceration