Hand Injury from Drill

Incident Type:  L3 Incident (to be classified
Shell Site: 3480 Portage Av. Seaton Shell – Winnipeg, MB Canada
Canada, Retail – Shell Account C00434  CA/10052676
Wednesday – 07/17/13 11:15 AM CST (local time)

Incident Description:

Two L3 sign contractor technicians were assigned to install a PCU (price control unit) on a Shell monument sign. During the work, a portable drill was used. In the course of work, the drill slipped and the drill bit contacted the second technician on the finger. The technician went to the medical clinic for first aid. He sustained a cut to the finger requiring one suture to close the wound, a tetanus shot (standard treatment) and X-rays. X-ray results were negative (no issue). The technician was wearing full PPE including protective gloves and no life-saving rules were broken; safe work permit in place with hand tool and cut hazards identified. The technician reported back to work and did not lose any time.

Probable Incident causes (immediate cause):

Workers were engaged in normal work activity. The second technician had his hands in close proximity to the active drill and was in the ‘line of fire’ when the drill bit slipped. Hand protection worn by the technician likely contributed to reduce the injury severity.

Next Steps (actions / further investigation):

Made area safe; notified ROM of incident in 45 minutes; Notified MUROM within 1 hour of incident. Incident report and permit to be obtained from the L3.

Lesson Learned and Corrective actions:

  • Safety awareness of electrical power tools and safe work techniques for using a power drill. Safety awareness of ‘line of fire’ hazards.
  • Drill Technique – drill speed, use of pilot holes to be considered when drilling.

2013-0717-CA Incident