Cut to palm of the hand

Safe Work Procedures Must Be Followed

Deep Cut to the Palm of the Hand Asset Management Safety Bulletin:

Safety Alert!

A sub contractor had removed a security camera from a ceiling location. The technician was attempting to separate the camera from a metal mounting plate at ground level when the plate quickly released. As a result of a deep cut from the sharp edges of the metal plate, the technician received 4 stitches to the palm of the hand. The worker was off work for 1 month due to the location and severity of the injury. There were no safe work procedures for the task being completed. Cotton gloves were being used when the injury occurred.

Issue date: May 6, 2013

Bulletin # SB-2013-05-06

Recordable Incident ProAct # 271634

What can we learn from this event?

  • Ensure safe work procedures are available for critical tasks
  • Employers are responsible to have documented safe work procedures available to employees. Procedures must be used when performing tasks and reviewed on a regular basis. Safe work procedures identify potential hazards and ensure mitigation is in place to reduce and eliminate injuries.
  • Always use the correct tool for the job. If a task is becoming difficult to complete, re-assess the work being completed and ensure the right tool for the job is used.

Use proper PPE

  • Cotton gloves should not be used when working with metal. A higher cut resistant glove could have protected the technician from the resulting injury. It is important to assess and acquire the appropriate PPE for all tasks.
  • Always perform a Last Minute Risk Assessment. Identified risks and hazards can be mitigated through the use of proper PPE.


Think safety first!

Source: Suncor

Cut to palm of hand