Pierced Finger from Metal Ring

Damaged Equipment Must Be Identified and Replaced

Pierced Finger from Metal Ring

A technician was using a vacuum truck to pump out a monitoring well at a retail location. The cam-lock fitting release mechanism had a damaged metal ring with a sharp protruding end. As the hose was being disconnected the sharp end of the ring pierced through the workers ‘glove and into his finger. First aid was provided and the finger was bandaged. Fortunately no stitches were required.

What can we learn from this event?

Reduce Complacency during Routine Tasks

  • The damaged metal ring was not identified when completing the safe work permit. Equipment and tools must be inspected before any task is started.
  • Always take the time to replace any equipment or tool that is faulty or damaged. Never take short cuts to complete a routine task quickly.
  • Complacency during routine tasks must be reduced to help eliminate injuries.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) Proactively Identify Risk

  • Quality JSA’s are always required to identify all risks including potential hazards from tools and equipment.
  • No job is so urgent or routine that it can’t be done safely.
  • By reducing our tolerance to risk all injuries can be prevented!

First aid pierced finger