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Address: 7111 Randolph Ave.
V5J 4W
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City: Burnaby
Business Phone Number: 6044332300
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Business Fax: 6044331725
Address: 9908 190 Street
City: Edmonton
Business Phone Number: 7802219699
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CCTV Sales and Services
General Contractors – Handyman services
Infrared Asphalt Repairs/ Milling etc

Address: 860 Rutherford Road
City: Maple
Business Phone Number: 8008319771
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Business Fax: 8558325990
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over head doors,glazing,doors

Address: 1838 DeVries Ave
City: Winnipeg
Business Phone Number: 2046687552
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Business Fax: 2046687554
Address: 2288 – 18 Avenue NE
T2E 8R1
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City: Calgary
Business Phone Number: 403-291-2205
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Business Fax: 403-291-2124
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Automatic Entrances

Address: 4638-91 Avenue
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City: Edmonton
Business Phone Number: 7804653331
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Business Fax: 7804656069
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Commercial glazing contractor with service division

Address: 6435 Northwest Dr
L4V 1K2
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City: Mississauga
Business Phone Number: 905-671-3971
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Building Envelope
Roofing, Decking, Siding, Panels and Glazing
Across Canada Coast to Coast and in the US

Address: 83 Dynamic Dr Unit 10
City: Scarborough
Business Phone Number: 4167269215
Address: 225 The East Mall, Suite 1114
M9B 0A9
City: Toronto
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Boemar’s custom products coupled with our unique level of specialization and research & development expertise sets us apart from the rest. We are renowned for our commitment to safety, service and innovation and are recognized as the industry leader in unsurpassed quality and durability. Our clients consistently state that if Boemar is on site they enjoy a hassle-free & worry-free experience. All work is completed on-site, at a fraction of replacement cost and with minimal business interruption.
Canopy & Building Soffits:
Boemar is the solution for peeling and dirty canopy & building soffits. These areas become covered with years of built-up soil and vehicle exhaust leaving the site very unappealing to the consumer.
After using our proprietary products and processes to thoroughly remove the build-up from the soffit, we apply our clients’ custom colour system to provide a mirror-like finish which repels future accumulation, thereby maintaining the high-gloss and reflective quality for years.
Colour Systems:
Boemar’s proprietary systems provide a superior and unparalleled alternative to traditional paint which surpasses standard manufacturer’s original finish. We precisely achieve your colour specifications nationwide, eliminating colour inconsistencies & fading, thereby offering seamless brand uniformity across a wide variety of building substrates including ACM, block & brick, corrugated metal, EIFS (stucco), FRP, signage and soffits. The unique properties of our systems also prevent dirt/residue from adhering to the surface and enable effortless cleaning & maintenance.
Boemar’s glazing system is unequalled in removing residue without scratching the surface or damaging the integrity of the glazing and provides a brilliant crystalline finish. The effectiveness of our systems results in a brighter and more appealing site experience for your patrons. Once the initial restoration has been completed an annual maintenance program will maintain the superior finish at a fraction of the initial amount.
Tile & Grout:
Boemar’s proprietary tile & grout systems revitalize and restore the overall appearance of an area without the need for costly demolition or replacement, and with minimal business interruption.
Tiles can become extremely discoloured from years of accumulated deeply embedded dirt. Our tile cleaners, together with our grout system make tiles look better than new. The result is a dramatic difference created by the application of Boemar’s unique processes & procedures and tiles can be easily cleaned months after the initial treatment. Once installed the revolutionary properties uniquely repel dirt, odours, residue and/or stains.
Our grout system can be custom colour matched to provide a seamless appearance with the tiles.
The need for harsh chemicals/cleaning products is eliminated and maintenance significantly reduced, as the only cleaning requirement is soap and water.
Our impeccable safety record permits us to work on sites independently, which results in further cost savings for our respective clients.