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2nd CALL locating is an underground line / hazard locating service. Our trained and qualified locators will check for any locatable underground hazards that may be in your work area. Before you do any ground disturbance be sure to have the registered lines marked by having the One Call members notified. Then make a 2nd call to have the remaining unregistered locatable lines marked out. We will also perform a sweep/scan of your work area so you can be safer before you dig.

Address: 9908 190 Street
City: Edmonton
Business Phone Number: 7802219699
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CCTV Sales and Services
General Contractors – Handyman services
Infrared Asphalt Repairs/ Milling etc

Address: C – 575 Industrial Road
Business Category: , ,
City: London
Business Phone Number: 888-355-5750
Business Website Address:
Business Fax: 855-724-5750
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Asphalt Maintenance
Line Painting
Hot Rubber Crack Fill
Seamless Asphalt Repairs
Catch Basin Repair and Restoration

Address: 135 Shorncliffe Road
City: Etobicoke
Business Phone Number: 4166670503
Address: 2179 Gallagher Road
City: Kelowna
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Building Maintenance,
Interior repairs, Painting, drywall, flooring, ceilings, counters, high level cleaning dusting, graffiti removal, canopy cleaning

Address: 390 rue Faraday
Business Category:
City: Québec
Business Phone Number: 4188080707
Business Website Address:
Business Fax: 4185271686